Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Elsey Enterprises understands the importance marketing and tracking not only visitors to your website, but also how these visitors translate to desired actions, such as a sale or lead.

The number of visitors to a site can be used as a measure of a web site’s success, but the real question is: “How many of these visitors perform actions on your web site that you want them to perform?” Any marketing campaign is pretty useless if it generates many visitors but none of these visitors completes a sale.

We have options of site traffic web analytics that measure the effectiveness of a source directing visitors to a web site and persuading them to take a desired action. The source could be a referral, a search engine, or a search phrase used. The desired action could be placing an order or signing-up for a newsletter.

Website statistics are perhaps the single most important resource you as a site owner have in determining how well your site is performing. Site stats are really the ultimate test of whether your significant web investment dollars are paying off as well as they should.

Not only do these statistics tell you the number of visitors and where those visitors came from; they can also reveal more detailed facts such as what pages those visitors viewed, how long they spent viewing them, and the search engine keywords they used to find you.